Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Do I Look!?

Am I Sexy Modest or What!?
So.............last night was crazy and I bought this headband. Who does that!? Who just buys a huge "head" band simply because the man that owns the store tells you it looks awesome. But let's be does look awesome!

Ok, so this is how it happened. Shannon, Jordyn, Beth and I were out on the town looking for trouble like usual and we found it last night in American Fork at a little place called Sexy Modest Boutique. Yes, you heard me right, SEXY MODEST Boutique. With a name like that we had to go in and check it out. So we did and the minute we walked in, we were instantly friends with the store owner Jason. make a long story short, we were in the store for over an hour just chattin' it up with our new best friend.

It was LEGEN............wait for it.........DARY! Anyway, over the course of the conversation, in between talking about our personal lives, movies and him guessing which one of us was the oldest (which by the way he was pretty darn good at) he, like all good salesmen, got each of us to buy something. You  might be saying, "Well Amie, that isn't too much of a stretch for you to go into a store and actually come out with something," and I would have to agree with you, but a freaking "head" band?! I say "head" band because this is a band that you wear across your forehead not over your hair like a normal headband, no this is different and me going for something different, that my friends is not something that happens everyday.

So, there you have it! That's my story. This is my new "head" band. What do you think!?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get Ready Cus Here I Come....

Hello Blogosphere,

I don't think we've ever officially met. I always thought you were overrated so I stayed far away from you. But somehow, for whatever reason, some unknown force has drawn me to you. So I'd like to formally introduce myself. My name is Amie Darlene Hansen and I think we could be great friends.